Hello friends, I'm Leslie Jowett Astor, the human behind the brand at Fifield Road Apothecary. I've been making cold process soap for over a decade, and after years of tinkering with recipes and teaching soap making workshops, I decided to start Fifield Road Apothecary in the autumn of 2018.

Born in the American midwest, and raised on the East coast, I moved to the Cotswolds with my English husband and three young sons in 2012, after twenty years of living in New York City. Shortly after settling on the family farm where my husband grew up, I began to learn about the healing powers of plants and flowers in the fields and hedgerows that surrounded us. Over time I learned to make simple balms, syrups, salves and tinctures, to soothe an itch, ease symptoms during cold season, or help encourage a better night's sleep, and I witnessed the miraculous healing powers that could be found in the humblest of farmyard weeds. 

From these experiences, coupled with an ongoing artistic practice, I wanted Fifield Road Apothecary to marry my love of herbal alchemy with my passion for crafting objects of use and beauty. My soaps, salves and bath teas are made exclusively with plant based ingredients-most of them organic- and are scented only with steam distilled essential oils. Nature also provides all of the ingredients I need to produce the rainbow of beautiful colours you'll find in my duo-toned soaps. I make everything by hand in small batches, often incorporating wildcrafted plant materials which I forage locally and responsibly. I also strive towards minimal waste in my production methods and materials; 100% of my packaging is recyclable, recycled and/or compostable, and my shipping supplies are all FSC certified biodegradable, upcycled and/or recyclable. The pouches that protect my soap from heat and light are 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade certified.

When I'm not making soap, I continue to practise traditional textile crafts including quilting, weaving & embroidery, traditions that were passed down to me in part from my Kentucky born grandmother. I also spend a good deal of time in the woods and hedgerows foraging for edible, medicinal and dyers plants and mushrooms.

Please do get in touch if you have questions about any of my products or working processes, are interested in booking a soap making workshop, have an idea for a collaboration, or wish to request a wholesale line sheet for your retail business. I would love to hear from you.